Corps of Rangers

The Sector Rangers, officially the Corps of Rangers and later also called the Imperial Sector Rangers, were a sector level law enforcement organization that existed virtually unchanged since the Galactic Republic.

The Sector Rangers were established during the days of the Galactic Republic as the Senate mandated the creation of a universal police agency, charged with apprehending criminals and keeping the peace, a concept duplicated in each sector of the Republic.While local law enforcement agencies were restricted by jurisdictional boundaries, the Sector Rangers were able to pursue criminals anywhere within a given sector or even beyond to bring them to trial.

Although also operating alone, Rangers usually traveled in pairs or groups of four for particularly dangerous assignments. Often, they were organized in teams composed of the crew of a Ranger ship,typically a small transport. As the Rangers often had to move quickly through space, they were also expected to be capable starfighter pilots.


Corps of Rangers

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