Ranger Rebellion

Session 4: The Hutt Job Part 2

Our heroes are asked by Darga to sit in on a negotiation with the Empire. After giving their advice they feast and retire for the night. That night Tam receives a call for help in the Force from a nearby jedi. He also senses the presence of a darksider. After gathering his companions they travel into the dungeon below Darga’s palace where they dispatch with Darga’s Gamorrean guards. After rescuing the jedi, , who doesn’t realize the Clone Wars have ended they sneak into a side passage leading into the throne room. They soon discover that Darga has fled the planet while his major domo, Demos and his trandoshan guard have stayed behind to find a possible jedi, which of course is Tam. After a quick but difficult battle with the darksider and his servants, Ich calls for a quick exit via the Black Duck. They blast out of the system just as a Star Destroyer arrives in the system. They make their way to Cloud City, the last known destination of Darga where they still seek information on Project SARLACC.

Session 3: The Hutt Job

Our heroes head to Cato Neimodia to investigate a new top secret Imperial Operation known as Project Sarlaac. To this end they disguise themselves as mercenaries seeking employment with Darga the Hutt who seems to be funneling money into the operation. One jedi mind trick gains them access to the Hutt who seems eager to impress his new guests. To prove themselves, Kina Sai executes the servant who brought them to Darga and they fight a gladiatorial match with some of the Hutt’s finest fighters. After one of many celebrations, Tam saves Darga’s life when his/her business partners attempt to poison him/her. Of course that makes the heroes a target. The first night one of the local gang leaders attempts to kill the players (to be fair they did kill her gang when they first arrived) by sicking some super Neimodian Kree birds on the heroes. The second night, a group of Quarren slavers and their Wookiee master tried to kill the heroes. Apparently, working for a Hutt is a dangerous business.

Session 2: The Felucian Rescue

The first task given to the crew of the newly dubbed Black Duck , sets out to free a prisoner from an Imperial holding facility on the planet Felucia. The prisoner is an Imperial Officer attempting to defect. The crew gains a few new additions includingKina Sai , a Kaminoan mercenary, a pilot, and a droid. The crew heads to Felucia where an Imperial Star Destroyer awaits them. Despite suffering damage to the ship, the crew lands safely on the surface. However, it will be some time before the ship can be repaired. Ich, Tam, and Kina head out to scout the area. They find Felucia to be a most inhospitable planet. They eventually come across some native Felucians who mistake the heroes for Imperials and they attack. Fortunately, a former Separatist leader turned hermit named ?? intervenes before anyone is seriously hurt. The team negotiate with the Felucians for a guide to the prison in exchange for its destruction. After hunting down an Imperial Scout Trooper to prevent their discovery, they make their way to the prison. They enter through the ventilation shaft (isn’t it always?) and attempt to make their way to the prisoner. After some less-than-successful attempts to avoid notice, they take out an officer and Tam puts on his uniform and uses his shapeshifting talents to impersonate the officer. Tam then walks into the prison, takes the prisoner, and walks out thankful that these Stormtroopers are not the high-quality Kaminoan clones, but rather the new Spaarti clones. The team heads to the roof and dispatches the trooper on guard. They then rig the base to blow and call for a pickup. Only when the explosion happened, did the team remember that there were other prisoners….oops!

Session 1: Welcome to the Resistance

Our intrepid heroes, Ich “Itchy” Fromault (a fugitive clone) and Tam Grazz (a Clawdite padawan) find themselves on the planet ?? following rumors of a safe haven for Jedi in the wake of Order 66. At the local cantina, they meet Screwdravius who appears to be a well connected man offering to set up the heroes with safe passage. However, it is soon revealed that he is actually an Imperial Intelligence Operative on the hunt for rogue Jedi. Tam and Ich quickly dispatch the operative and his stormtrooper lackeys with a little help from an unknown spacer in the cantina. The spacer is fatally wounded living long enough only to give the heroes a strange pendant and to say the word, “resistance.” He also gives them access to a ship to make their escape. From ??, the heroes set course for Tattooine. Upon checking the pendant they discover a datachip containing coordinates for the planet, Ereesus. They travel to Ereesus, home only to a small Imperial fuel depot. At Ereesus, they look for the meaning of the strange writing on the pendant. A kind local points them in the direction of an ancient Ereesi computer for a nominal fee. Of course, the computer is located inside the fuel depot. Some quick thinking and judicial use of the Force gets them access to the computer where they retrieve an old Mandolorian Beacon box. All seems well until a female Mandolorian Bounty Hunter shows up to claim the box. After a short but nasty fight, the heroes capture her and head back to their ship (and blowing up the fuel depot in the process with Itchy’s thermal detonator). The heroes head to the coordinates provided by the Ereesi computer and activate the Beacon. When a large ship drops out of Hyperspace and tractors the transport into its landing bay, the truth is finally revealed.Tam is quite surprised to find onboard Cathar Jedi Master ?? who begins to explain that the ship is home to the Resistance, a group dedicated to fighting the new Empire.


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