Tam Grazz

A Padawan Survivor of Order 66


Species: Clawdite
Class: Jedi
Level: 4

Str. 12
Dex. 16
Con. 10
Int. 10
Wis. 18
Cha. 19

Fort. Def. 15
Ref. Def. 18
Will Def. 19

Trained Skills: Deception +15, Perception +10, Use the Force +15
Feats: Force Training x2, Finesse
Talents: Block, Deflect

Force Powers: Cloak, Force Blast, Force Slam, Force Stun, Mind Trick, Move Object, Negate Energy, Rebuke, Vital Transfer


Tam Grazz: Born 39 BBY
Planet of Origin: Zolan
Tam ran away from a planet that hated him and his people. His parents refused to follow the Zolander’s rules and paid the ultimate price. Tam’s shapeshifting abilities developed at an early age which aided him in hiding on a transport ship that was headed off planet where he was discovered by an undercover An’ya Kuro (aka the Dark Woman) who recognized Tam as force sensitive. She brought Tam to the jedi temple who began training as a youngling. Tam later became An’ya’s padawan who began training Tam as a jedi shadow. Unfortunately near the end of the Clone Wars his master went off on a secret mission leaving Tam on a training mission. When Order 66 was issued one of the clones who had been close to his master saved him from the fate of other jedi. He is unsure of his master’s ultimate fate.

Being a Clawdite, Tam often changes his face. His most common one is an elderly man. In this form, his lightsaber is stored within a walking stick.

Tam’s many forms:

Old Human Jedi: Gav Daragon

Weequay Martial Artist: Tah-Kree

Human Imperial Officer: Drake Mavin

Tam Grazz

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