Ranger Rebellion

Session 4: The Hutt Job Part 2

Our heroes are asked by Darga to sit in on a negotiation with the Empire. After giving their advice they feast and retire for the night. That night Tam receives a call for help in the Force from a nearby jedi. He also senses the presence of a darksider. After gathering his companions they travel into the dungeon below Darga’s palace where they dispatch with Darga’s Gamorrean guards. After rescuing the jedi, , who doesn’t realize the Clone Wars have ended they sneak into a side passage leading into the throne room. They soon discover that Darga has fled the planet while his major domo, Demos and his trandoshan guard have stayed behind to find a possible jedi, which of course is Tam. After a quick but difficult battle with the darksider and his servants, Ich calls for a quick exit via the Black Duck. They blast out of the system just as a Star Destroyer arrives in the system. They make their way to Cloud City, the last known destination of Darga where they still seek information on Project SARLACC.



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