Ranger Rebellion

Session 3: The Hutt Job

Our heroes head to Cato Neimodia to investigate a new top secret Imperial Operation known as Project Sarlaac. To this end they disguise themselves as mercenaries seeking employment with Darga the Hutt who seems to be funneling money into the operation. One jedi mind trick gains them access to the Hutt who seems eager to impress his new guests. To prove themselves, Kina Sai executes the servant who brought them to Darga and they fight a gladiatorial match with some of the Hutt’s finest fighters. After one of many celebrations, Tam saves Darga’s life when his/her business partners attempt to poison him/her. Of course that makes the heroes a target. The first night one of the local gang leaders attempts to kill the players (to be fair they did kill her gang when they first arrived) by sicking some super Neimodian Kree birds on the heroes. The second night, a group of Quarren slavers and their Wookiee master tried to kill the heroes. Apparently, working for a Hutt is a dangerous business.



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