Ranger Rebellion

Session 2: The Felucian Rescue

The first task given to the crew of the newly dubbed Black Duck , sets out to free a prisoner from an Imperial holding facility on the planet Felucia. The prisoner is an Imperial Officer attempting to defect. The crew gains a few new additions includingKina Sai , a Kaminoan mercenary, a pilot, and a droid. The crew heads to Felucia where an Imperial Star Destroyer awaits them. Despite suffering damage to the ship, the crew lands safely on the surface. However, it will be some time before the ship can be repaired. Ich, Tam, and Kina head out to scout the area. They find Felucia to be a most inhospitable planet. They eventually come across some native Felucians who mistake the heroes for Imperials and they attack. Fortunately, a former Separatist leader turned hermit named ?? intervenes before anyone is seriously hurt. The team negotiate with the Felucians for a guide to the prison in exchange for its destruction. After hunting down an Imperial Scout Trooper to prevent their discovery, they make their way to the prison. They enter through the ventilation shaft (isn’t it always?) and attempt to make their way to the prisoner. After some less-than-successful attempts to avoid notice, they take out an officer and Tam puts on his uniform and uses his shapeshifting talents to impersonate the officer. Tam then walks into the prison, takes the prisoner, and walks out thankful that these Stormtroopers are not the high-quality Kaminoan clones, but rather the new Spaarti clones. The team heads to the roof and dispatches the trooper on guard. They then rig the base to blow and call for a pickup. Only when the explosion happened, did the team remember that there were other prisoners….oops!



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