Ranger Rebellion

Session 1: Welcome to the Resistance

Our intrepid heroes, Ich “Itchy” Fromault (a fugitive clone) and Tam Grazz (a Clawdite padawan) find themselves on the planet ?? following rumors of a safe haven for Jedi in the wake of Order 66. At the local cantina, they meet Screwdravius who appears to be a well connected man offering to set up the heroes with safe passage. However, it is soon revealed that he is actually an Imperial Intelligence Operative on the hunt for rogue Jedi. Tam and Ich quickly dispatch the operative and his stormtrooper lackeys with a little help from an unknown spacer in the cantina. The spacer is fatally wounded living long enough only to give the heroes a strange pendant and to say the word, “resistance.” He also gives them access to a ship to make their escape. From ??, the heroes set course for Tattooine. Upon checking the pendant they discover a datachip containing coordinates for the planet, Ereesus. They travel to Ereesus, home only to a small Imperial fuel depot. At Ereesus, they look for the meaning of the strange writing on the pendant. A kind local points them in the direction of an ancient Ereesi computer for a nominal fee. Of course, the computer is located inside the fuel depot. Some quick thinking and judicial use of the Force gets them access to the computer where they retrieve an old Mandolorian Beacon box. All seems well until a female Mandolorian Bounty Hunter shows up to claim the box. After a short but nasty fight, the heroes capture her and head back to their ship (and blowing up the fuel depot in the process with Itchy’s thermal detonator). The heroes head to the coordinates provided by the Ereesi computer and activate the Beacon. When a large ship drops out of Hyperspace and tractors the transport into its landing bay, the truth is finally revealed.Tam is quite surprised to find onboard Cathar Jedi Master ?? who begins to explain that the ship is home to the Resistance, a group dedicated to fighting the new Empire.



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